This time we will make a comparison in order to loans developed exclusively to pay the income statement because the time is approaching, so that for those who do not have liquidity this article will be very useful, it should also be remembered that there are other proposals designed without a specific purpose, therefore, it is possible to have capital as an alternative that is viable.

Bianca has already launched its Rental Loan some time ago, through which it offers a capital from 300 euros to 1,000 euros, to be repaid in a period of 9 months, in addition, the transaction has a nominal interest rate of 5%. The advantage is that they are exempted from the expenses for the commissions of study, and amortization in advance.

As a second alternative , Banco is available : in the case of statements that show a positive result, a nominal 0% interest rate is foreseen with a repayment term of up to 9 months. 300 euros minimum, and no maximum limit, plus, a study fee of 1.00% and early cancellation of 3.00% is included.

And for negative statements, the conditions in force are the following, namely: the applicant will have the opportunity to have the necessary capital and will not have to pay any fee, in this way, the return will be subject to the time when the Treasury makes the respective return, being released in addition to the usual commissions.