Banks do not willingly give loans to indebted people. What’s more, even loan companies can reject our loan application if we have debt visible in debtors’ databases or delays in Retro.

When trying to obtain a loan, we must meet certain conditions that the loan company is giving us. The most common such conditions are a certain age, having a bank account and a positive credit history. Data of people who had a problem with keeping their repayment timely could find themselves on the list of debtors. Being on such a list will certainly not help them get the loan they need.

If our data is on the list of debtors, we can quickly disappear from it by paying off our debt. After settling the obligation, the company that placed us on such a list is obliged to delete our data from the debtors’ register within 14 days. The most popular databases are the National Debt Register which most often suffers from significant delays in paying phone bills, electricity and other similar delays. In a slightly worse situation, there may be people who have a negative credit history in the Retro database. Here, this information can be up to 5 years from the date of debt repayment. Negative credit history arises as a result of non-timely payment of loan installments incurred by the bank. I am talking about all possible liabilities from the overdraft in the account, through cash loans, car loans and mortgage loans. Having bad credit history in the Retro database, it will be difficult for us not only to obtain a loan from a bank, but also a loan in non-bank companies.

These companies provide loans to the indebted

firmy które udzielają pożyczki zadłużonym

If for some reason we have indebtedness and our data went to one of the mentioned bases, then we are not in a situation without an exit. The market for non-bank loans has developed so well in our country that we have seen companies specializing in lending to indebted persons. If our data is in the Retro or are in the debtors’ databases, this does not invalidate our chances of getting a loan in such companies. But only if we meet another specific condition. Such companies will most often require us to have an additional guarantor or mortgage security in case of applying for larger amounts of loans.

A loan with debt of up to PLN 25,000

A loan with debt of up to PLN 25,000

If we want to get a large amount, which will not exceed PLN 25,000, we should be interested in the Rapida Money proposal. It is a company that may have been operating on the non-bank loan market in Poland for a long time, but it is quite interested. Especially in people who have problems with various types of debts. They can get a loan here either in a situation where their data went to the debtors’ databases or if they had any delays in repayment of loans. The period for which Rapidy loans are granted is from 12 to 48 months.

The condition that must be met to get a loan through this company is to have a guarantor. Such a person performs a very similar function as a guarantor in the case of bank loans. Such a person will be responsible for repayment of the loan installments if the main borrower does not settle his liabilities on time. So in a situation if we do not have time to repay the loan installments. Each person who has an unpractical credit history and therefore no indebtedness can afford a loan guarantee and has good creditworthiness to obtain a loan.

Larger long-term loans to secure the property

Larger long-term loans to secure the property



This is a proposal for people who have very large financial obligations and through which, for example, they are threatened by a bailiff’s occupation. The amount of such non-bank loans against pledge may range from PLN 30,000 to even several million zlotys. They can be granted to people with indebtedness in various types of bases that have lost their financial liquidity. The basic condition for obtaining such a loan is the need to have property security. It is from the value of such assets that the amount of the loan granted depends. The most common security for such loans is your property, hence the plot, house or flat. We must therefore be aware that if we decide to make such a loan, if we do not repay it on time, we may lose our fortune of life.

One of the companies that provide loans to indebted persons is the company Speed ​​Cash Cashfoh. Here we can get loans for plots, apartments, homes, as well as for the collateral of the vehicle or company. The offer can therefore be used by both private individuals as well as entrepreneurs who, for example, have payment delays. The maximum amount of loans offered in Speed ​​Cash Cashfoh may be up to PLN 10 million and may constitute 60% of the loan collateral. The maximum loan repayment period in this company is 48 months.